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Bible Secrets for Life

About one year ago, there were people from all over the world who were faced with a very difficult decision. They were forced to decide what it was that was most important to them, their livelihoods or their consciences,  and they were forced to examine what it was that they truly believed. 
In Revelation, we are told that just before the world economy implodes, that there will be a people who will be tested on whether they will stay true to conscience and to the word of God. Many will fail the test and receive the Mark of the Beast. Who will stay true?
To know this, you have to know what is it that is most important to you. Are you guided simply by your survival instincts or is there something that is even more valuable to you than life itself? According to Revelation 13, an earthly power will arise that will cause everyone to worship a false god at the threat of losing their ability to buy or sell. Threatened with the loss of the ability to take care of ourselves or to participate in life, we will be tempted to make decisions that hurt our consciences.  Is it possible that this could be in our imminent future? What will we do?  It depends on what we believe.
Now, more than ever, it is vital to know what we truly believe and WHO we believe in, because our eternal destinies depend upon these critical choices. We can help, Join us every week for this exciting series of Bible classes, where you will learn about a Creator God who has given instructions in the Bible on how to live here on this earth so that we can live someday on an earth made new, with Him. Each week, you’ll learn another aspect of God and the Bible. 
These are free, live, online classes that will be held on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm  PST. Stay tuned for when these classes launch. All are welcome to join. Hope to see you there! 
You are required to sign-up in order to participate in the  weekly Zoom meetings.


1. Why Trust the Bible
2. The Most Amazing Bible Prophecy 
3. What Will the Second Coming of Jesus Be Like
4. Where Did Sin Come From
5. What is the Plan of Salvation
6. Why are the 10 Commandments Important
7. What Is the Seal of God
8. What Is Heaven Like
9. What Happens When You Die
10. What is Hell
11. What Is Baptism 
12. The Millennium in Revelation — When Does It Happen
13. What Does Babylon Represent
14. The Mark of the Beast
15. The Sanctuary of Heaven–God’s Plan for Sin
16. The Judgment–When Will It Happen
17. Who Will Be Saved
18. How to Manage Money
19. Bible Prophecies for the End of Time
20. Biblical Wisdom for Health
21. How to Prepare the World for Jesus to Return
22. True versus False Prophets
23. Who is the Holy Spirit
24. How Should God’s People Live

Meet the Instructor

Gabriel Arruda

Gabriel Arruda is an author, evangelist and health educator who has been teaching for the past 15 years about Bible prophecy and health.

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