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Families for the Kingdom Archive

#3 Children and the Health Message

Meet the Instructors

Zachary and Rachel Smith

Zachary and Rachel Smith grew up with Christian backgrounds but, it wasn’t until 2019 that the Lord called them from nominal Christianity into a deep living relationship with Jesus. Neither having read the entire bible themselves, Zachary began a zealous task of reading the bible in its entirety for himself, being a binge watcher of television and movies, he felt God’s call that attending church every other week was not what Christianity was about. After a month and a half, he had read and listened to the bible cover to cover and was filled with excitement and passion for God and His word. Rachel herself being convicted decided she also needed to study. Soon through the leadership of the Holy Spirit many changes started happening within their home life, diets, and parenting style. With determination to lead their children and families also to truth, they have never looked back on their old lifestyles and have relied fully on God to direct their path.