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Secrets for Living with Wholeness

Eat for Optimal Immunity

Learn how to heal the gut and bullet prove your inmmune system all with the simple power of food.

Learn Life Saving Remedies

Free yourself from fear of health crisis by learning powerful remedies for you and your family.

Practice Laws of Health

You were designed to function according to specific laws. Learn what they are and put them into practice.

Know Your Creator

Know where you came from. Why you are here, and where you will be going.

Health Principles from the Bible

One of the most practical things that we teach about is abundant health as it comes from the Bible. We spent the last two years helping doctors, nurses, and lay people learn the knowledge and skills they needed to have confidence to approach their own health conditions in a safe and natural way. Our multi-faceted approach of applying an antiinflammatory diet, having an antiinflammatory lifestyle, and learning powerful natural remedies have changed the course for people with even end-stage diseases.

The Bible states that “The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it”. This means that God’s ways of healing bring no harmful side effects, risks of dependence, or tolerance. And yet they are powerful! Look at our testimonies page to see just how powerful they are. Interested in learning more?

The cost of membership is almost free. For $5 a month, you will be learning information that could SAVE YOUR LIFE. At the very least, it might give you back your quality of life–LIFE MORE ABUNDANT. 

Want to make a difference in the lives of your friends and family? Education is the gift that keeps on giving. The information you learn here will help you become a resource in your own community when difficult times come. 

Benefits of Joining
Wholeness for Life

  • Learn principles for living that are inspired by the Bible and supported by science, that can help you regain health and quality of life.

  • Learn how to bring your family closer together through prayer and healthy family activities.

  • Learn about powerful, simple herbs, superfoods, and therapies that have kept many out of the hospital in acute and chronic situations.

  • When you sign up for the annual membership, you will get a huge discount off the Autoimmune Recovery Plan, the online course that gives you the basics of how to use a therapeutic plant based way of eating to heal the gut and get your health back.

  • Learn about Science and the Bible—we help clear the confusion about various health topics as shown in the Bible and through science.

  • Learn what the Bible has to say about preparing for the times in which we are living—where to live, what to eat, and how to heal.

  • Learn strategies for mental and emotional health

  • Join and contribute to a like-minded community.

  • Support a ministry bringing hope to a hurting world

The Autoimmune Plant-Based Cookbook

From lupus to Crohn’s to rheumatoid arthritis; autoimmune disorders are sadly on the rise but don’t worry, there’s hope! 

We made eating for immunity easy with The Autoimmune Plant-Based Cookbook. Let food be your medicine.

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