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How to Know God


Is it possible to know God? While it is not possible for finite man to fully know an inifinite God, it isn’t as complicated as it seems. We humans will be in a perpetual amazing journey of getting to know God. The Bible actually promises us that if we seek for God with all of our hearts and souls, that we will find Him (Jet 29:13).  It also tells us that humans were actually created to seek for God (Acts 17:27). 

If you are wanting more in depth study, sign up to have one-on-one or group Bible studies to study at your pace.

Our weekly Question & Answer class will launch in early 2023.  For the go-live date, click the button below to join this website as a free member. Weekly Question & Answer classes will take place every Wednesday evening at 8:00 pm Eastern time.

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Meet the Instructor

JuanCarlos DeJesus

JuanCarlos DeJesus serves as a lay preacher and operates a ministry called Cleaver of Truth. JuanCarlos is a graduate from Med Missionary. He is an avid student of the Bible and a skilled teacher of it as well. He will be moderating during questions and answers sessions and is available for one-on-one Bible studies on zoom as well.

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