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Spiritual Needs

Humans are inherently spiritual. The Bible states that God giveth to all of us, “life, and breath, and all things…that they should seek God, and perhaps feel their way toward him and find him.” Acts 17:25,27. Whether we know it or not, all humans feel the need for God. There is nothing on this earth that can fill that part of our souls that was made by God, for God.

At Wholeness for Life, we believe that we will never experience true wholeness until we know who we are, WHO created us, why we are here, and where we are going when we die. In effect, no matter how unsettling our past has been, we all can have the safety and security we need now, by learning our true identities.

How will you get to know this information and what impact will it have on your life? We have three ways to learn.

First, through prayer. Prayer has been described as talking to God as you would to a friend. It is communication between you and the king of the universe. It is something that should be as natural as breathing and as comforting as sharing with your most trusted confidante. Yet it is an awesome and reverent thing to come into the presence of a holy God and something we always keep in mind. We pray daily together and you are all welcome to join.

Click below to get the Zoom link for daily prayer.

Second, through education. At least once a week we have an online class on Bible topics. Do you know what happens when you die? Is it possible for your deceased loved ones to come back and visit you? What is the mark of the Beast? What are some of the signs that Jesus will return to earth and what will happen to us when he returns? Who will return to heaven with Him and what will heaven be like? Click below to see the dates and times for Bible study classes.

Third, through application. This is how we truly get to know God. Interested in more in depth study? Sign up to have one on one or smaller group Bible studies to study at your pace. Also you can get your questions answered at our Q&A session that we have once a week.